Soft Play Set of 6 Farm Animals

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Soft Play Set of 6 Farm AnimalsSoft Play Set of 6 Farm Animals
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Soft Play Set of 6 Farm Animals

This Set of 6 Farm Animals is an ideal product for people that are on a budget but they still want to offer to children a great farm adventure! The Rocking Pig, Duck, Snail, Rabbit, Lamb, Chicken will be the greatest companions of any children in long hours of fun play.

The diversity of this Set of 6 Farm Animals will spark children’s interest, encouraging them to be physically and mentally active in a safe environment where they can develop their motor skills, balance, creativity, coordination or spatial awareness skills whilst encouraging them to interact with others in a friendly and uncompetitive way.

The 6 Farm Animals have the following sizes:

Rocking Pig 55 cm x 48 cm x 20 cm

Rocking Duck 59 cm x 56 cm x 20 cm

Rocking Chicken 60 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm

Rocking Rabbit 63 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm

Rocking Lamb 70 cm x 57 cm x 20 cm

Snail 63 cm x 42 cm x 20 cm

The Set of 6 Farm Animals is suitable for indoor or outdoor play – and it is perfect for in any home, nursery or at a soft play centre, just to name a few! And it can be used as a stand-alone item or group together with other items from our high quality farm range.

The outer cover is made with the very best high quality UK sourced 610gsm PVC material: being both non-toxic & fire retardant it complies to the very latest British standard & European safety legislations.

At Softplay Solutions we understand that play is an important part of learning and development, this is why our aim is to ensure that children reach their full potential in life. We believe that physical activity for children is the most constructive and valuable activity especially for today’s digital generation. Our Softplay Solutions range helps children develop through hours of play, whilst interacting and socializing with other children.

Buy British, buy quality, buy from Softplay Solutions!

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