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Daisy Chain Day Nurseries was formed in 2002 and in 2003 opened its first nursery in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Daisy Chain Day Nurseries bought Cloverleaf day nursery in Whitley in 2006, it had an old soft play area which has been refurbished with the help of Soft Play Solutions.

Below, we have asked the client about the whole process, and have some images of the finished build for you to look at.

Q- How was the experience with the Sales team?
A- The sales team of Soft Play Solutions knew exactly what they were doing and gave clear instructions to the building team. They guaranteed us a high quality children’s soft play frame and toddler area manufactured to a high standard using the very best quality materials on the market. They also made sure to focus on the safety of the children whilst installing the soft play area.

Q- The process of buying a new soft play area
A- We contacted Soft Play Solutions solution who made the whole process of buying the new a better soft play products easy, simple and saving our time. Their building team worked efficiently and exceptionally hard every day until the Soft Play Solutions items were installed. We found no faults in their work and had no complaints through the whole project.

Q- Did you use the finance option?
A- No we did not. We decided to pay them in cash for the build as that is much simpler than wired transactions.

Q- Experiences with the building team
A- The building team had a couple of blockages along the way to completion including the ceiling being quite low which made the whole room quite small and there were 2 pillars centeral of the room making carrying the products in difficult.
Q- How was the overall experience from start to finish?
A- We, at Daisy Chain Day Nurseries, contacted Darren after looking online for a supplier for the new soft play area. We e-mailed Darren some pictures of the old soft play area which prompted a visit from Darren a couple of days later resulting in him giving some innovative ideas on how to refurbish the whole area. As both Rachel and I had no idea what to do, we left the whole design to Darren who came up with the some amazing ideas. We agreed a price for the new Soft Play Solutions, Darren booked us in for a installation and it was as simple as that. On the day of the installation, the team that were meant to install the products turned up on time and worked very hard. They made sure to work tidily as the nursery was open whilst they were installing therefore keeping the children’s safety in mind.

Q- How long did the process take from start to finish?
A- The manufacturing of the area took three weeks and the installation took just 6 days from start to finish. We were very pleased with the adherence to the deadline.

Q- Now that the build is completed, how has it been received by the parents and children?
A- The finished build was strong, extremely well designed and built. All the children and parents love the new soft play area as it is a big hit due to its bespoke design and is also appreciated by new parents as well.

"The end result was fantastic, both Rachel and I would have no hesitation in recommending Soft Play Solutions to anyone requiring refurbishment or new installation of any soft play equipment. Their process of installation and assembly was fast and clean with resulted in a high quality product which we are proud to call our own."

- Daisy Chain Day Nurseries