Love the action but don’t have a dedicated space? Or starting up your own soft play hire business?

No problem – we’ve created a series of soft play packages and trolley sets to be used for programmed activities wherever and whenever you’d like to engage young children in interactive, fun filled play settings.

A typical trolley is 1m wide x 2m long at various heights & comes with 10 floor mats, giving you 20sq meters of coverage - which join together in any combination and shape you’d like to create.  Add a hopscotch game graphic to any floor mats…….

Chose from our selected packages or feel free to create your own mix of soft play equipment – we’ll be happy to package it for you in a bag or on a trolley.

Perfect for creating a new program in your gym or multi-purpose room or soft play hire.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with your perfect mobile soft play package.

Click on our Box Sets section in our online shop where you will find some of our standard packages.