75mm Black Ball Pit Balls (500 in a bag)

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3.0" × 3.0" × 3.0"
(75mm × 75mm × 75mm)
75mm Black Ball Pit Balls (500 in a bag)75mm Black Ball Pit Balls (500 in a bag)
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75mm Black Ball Pit Balls (500 in a bag)

Softplay Solutions supply a large range of high quality commercial grade 75mm Black Ball Pit Balls in 500 per bag in single or mixed colours. 

Our Commercial Black Ball Pit Balls are of the very best quality, recognised as the industry standard throughout the world. They are robust and carefully handcrafted from high quality materials..

Perfect for any ball pit, indoor or outdoor playgrounds and bounce house, just to name a few!

The diameter of our Commercial  Black Pit Balls is 75mm, a perfect size for small child's hand.

With this product, children can learn to grip and throw, whilst being encouraged to active play.

  • Durable, safe, non-toxic material
  • Soft and pleasant to touch material
  • Easy to clean material

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